Message From Florri
I look forward to making your family part of our family. And as always, references are proudly given upon request.

We have been using Florri and Your Cleaning Connection for many years. Our friends and neighbors’ house cleaners have come and gone, but Florri always makes sure our home looks great.

-Deb Levi

I have been using Your Cleaning Connection for 9 years on a regular basis. My house has never been so clean. Every detail is seen to and when I walk back into my house I can just smell the clean. Within the last 9 years I did a major renovation in my home. Not only did the women from Your Cleaning Connection continue to clean around the construction so that things did not get out of hand, but at the completion of the construction the owner of the company sent in several women to do a post construction clean. Yes it does take many hours to do such a clean and of course it costs more for such a cleaning, but my house was unbelievably clean. The ceilings and walls were cleaned along with every inch of my home. You the know the saying “you get what you pay for” and using Your Cleaning Connection is worth every cent that I am charged. If you are looking for a cleaning company that you can trust and have a fabulous job done — Your Cleaning Connection is the company I would highly recommend.

-Nancy Conway, Rockville MD

My husband and I recently used Your Cleaning Connection after some trepidation about having an outside service coming in to clean our home. We had been taking care of our home ourselves but recently encountered some health and time issues that prevented us from tending to it the way we used to.

Perfect timing, because I had been hearing great things about Florri and Your Cleaning Connection for a while, and now we had the opportunity to employ her service.

Florri personally visited our house to assess what was needed. Her two person staff showed up on time the following week and proceeded to make our home sparkle. Their level of service and attention to detail impressed us greatly. They were also very good with our dog which was an additional concern. Florri followed up which was a nice added touch.

Admittedly, this is a luxury to us, however, we feel so much better using the service and coming home to a cleaner environment where the pressure is off of us to keep up the way we used to. Now we can focus on our work and other activities with one less thing to worry about.

We highly recommend Florri and Your Cleaning Connection.

-Holly Schotz, Silver Spring MD

Florri introduced us to our mothers caregiver who cleans her large condo, does her food shopping and cooks and irons for her as well. This takes a large burden off of us!

-J. Biggs, Silver Spring MD

My architect introduced me to Florri,, who also refers to her, and she introduced us to Ana, who does all our laundry 2 days a week, irons for us, and cares for our large Georgetown home.

-Will L., Georgetown

As a busy attorney who travels a great deal, I count on my house keeper that Florri introduced me to care for my animals, and put away my groceries when they arrive. It makes my job so much easier. She sees what needs to be done and takes the initiative.. I love that!

-Vicky C, Potomac

My wife and I used another cleaning company who stormed through our home in 40 minutes..what a waste of money! The breakage was another issue. Our new house keeper stays with us about 6 hours weekly , and our home always smells and looks beautifully cleaned and organized.

-Suzanne and Stu Porter, Chevy Chase MD

We have been a client of Florri’s for many years. Our friends house keepers have come and gone, but Florri chose someone for us who always makes our home look amazing.

-The Thailan Family, Potomac MD

We tried many other cleaning avenues until we were introduced to Florri…she introduced us to our current house keeper and we love her work.

-C. Jones Potomac, MD

Both my wife and I work full time. Spending weekends on our “second” job was getting tiring. We love our housekeeper that Florri introduced us to… we will never go back!

-K. Murphy Columbia, MD